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The Schedule will be up very soon.  Everyone get pumped!


February 22- Wow!!  Can anyone believe that we made it through the entire show on off book day?  Mad props to the Les Mis Cast for that.  Now that tickets are officially on sale, make sure you get your friends, family, teachers, and everyone else within a mile and a half radius of yourself right now, to buy their tickets ASAP.  This show will sell out fast.  Send them to, the link is on the front page.  GET THOSE TICKETS PEOPLE.  Oh yeah, and lets get this Les Mis forum started guys.  By the way, Get back in the TX spirit with cool AIM buddy icons! Just right click your icon of choice and save the picture.  When you are using AIM, go into your preferences and "browse pc" to find the icon! So easy and so cool! Check them out below...


January 28- Sorry for the delay on the update everyone.  Carson is a bit tied up with college auditions so for now I, JoeMoe, will be taking over.  The new cast list for Les Miserables has been posted and the picture section needs pics to post so start takin 'em ok.  Congrats to everyone on making the show!  It's gonna be amazing.


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